Chairman's Message

In behalf of the Al-Twaiq Contracting Group (Twaiq), it gives me great pleasure to extend my thanks and appreciation to our esteemed clients who have effectively contributed to the dynamic growth and development of the company’s operations to face the challenges of the future. AI-Twaiq Contracting Group (AI-Twaiq) has given all efforts to serve the needs of our clients by providing the best quality products and services, maintaining a steady and challenging business growth with a competitive position, and implementing the highest technological advancement available. AI-Twaiq Contracting Group (AI-Twaiq) policy is based both on the qualities of the individual divisions and on the combined strengths of the company, while all share the ambition to be successful in their respective fields. In all respects, the foundation for the AI-Twaiq Contracting Group Twaiq success has been based on the principles of excellence and integrity with our reputation for performance directly attributed to our commitment towards clients.

The AI-Twaiq Contracting Group (TCG) remains firmly committed to actively participating in the economic growth and advancement of the Kingdom through, industry, construction, service, and management activities.  Trade While this profile gives a brief outline of the range of the company activities, we take this opportunity to pledge to maintain our current excellent standards as we strive for continuous improvements.